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Is 39 Oracle Card Decks too Many

Is Thirty Nine Oracle Card Decks Too Many?

I have thirty-nine oracle card decks. This isn’t even the most I have ever owned.

These cards sit on my shelf – remnants of my past, a time when I ran to cards to solve my problems instead of tuning in to the voice of my soul.

It’s easier to look outside ourselves for someone to save us than to sit in our shit, move through the challenges, and experience what is needed for our highest growth.

Now I know better. And I can’t stay silent anymore.

Too many people are giving their power away to angel, tarot, and oracle cards instead of using them as a tools to help tap into their own inner voice and guidance system.

Pretty cards with pretty pictures that keep us stuck in a cycle of illusion and false hope.

I believe that angel, affirmation, and oracle cards can be powerful tools to support transformation – when used with the intention of true healing, not hiding.

The best oracle cards:

  • Inspire you to create a personal connection with your higher self and angels, instead of painting a picture of what these angels should look and sound like for you.
  • Empower you to tune into what is going on under the surface and to see all of the energies at play, instead of just giving you superficial insights that make you feel better.
  • Offer insightful messages or affirming statements that activate your innate power and strength to elicit healing and transformation, instead of offering cookie-cutter messages that don’t really mean anything.

I am here to tell you that the power, the strength, and the connection that you will experience once you cut the ties to cards as crutches and instead honour your own Divine connection will be unimaginable.

My Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards do not, and will not, ever come with a guidebook. No matter how many times I am asked to create one.

They are meant to be a portal for you to explore your own inner connections and to tap into the truth and power that you hold. I won’t take that away from you.

We are constantly learning and growing, moving into more of who we are.

It’s time to make the switch – from fear to empowerment. Are you ready?